Service and line management solutions

Full service solution.

The system was developed to make service much more agile, guiding customers to their
proper destinations inside establishments and organizing lines at the till. It also provides information on customer flows, performance of various service points, and movement
inside the establishment.

Wait line management.

Real-time monitoring of wait times at branches or facilities.

Statistics on customer service quality.

Display of institutional and advertising content.

Generating performance analysis reports by associate, type of service and store/branch.



– Guides customers as they arrive at the establishment.
– Password printing.
– Various connectivity options.
– Display of service options, preset messages, videos, and online information.
– Display of customer ticket numbers and preset messages.
– Sound alarm.
– Mobile application allows customer to receive service ticket numbers and tracks calls on
their own smartphones.
– Optional software.


– Concentrates network information.
– Manages system.
– Issues reports and provides control.



– Numbering and ordering wait lines.
– Online provision of information.
– Online surveys and statistical data on wait lines and customer service.
– Self-management and monitoring solution.
– Scalable architecture.
– Multimedia solution focused on design and communication.
– Sectors with multiple lines.
– Priority lines.
– Employee statistics (work time, service time, service speed, and idle time).
– Support for multiple modes of line management.

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