Envelope depository

The envelope depository uses a shutter, a traction mechanism that allows the use of envelopes with irregular content and a return system for rejected envelopes.

– Scanner: bidirectional optical data reader with adjustable position for barcode scanning;
– Operational Capacity: up to 140 envelopes;
– Access to envelope compartment through sliding front door with simple locking
– Security: anti-theft device to safeguard envelopes deposited
– Deployed on sliding rail system for easy maintenance and access to probable envelope
jamming sites;
– Maximum dimensions (W x H x D): 128mm x 350mm x 345mm;

– Sensors:
. Open shutter;
. Envelope outside specifications;
. Presence of envelope;
. Full deposit compartment to ensure the effective detection of full cassette.
. Open/shut deposit compartment door.

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