Encrypting PIN Pad

PSK4 – Perto Security Keyboard

The technology used in encrypting PIN pads comes from Perto's three decades of experience developing solutions for financial institutions, ensuring the required security levels.

– Three LED signals allow identification of EPP operation mode.
– External connectors for 8 function keys, buzzer and USB and serial communication
– Version 4.1 of PSK4 with PCI certification (add public link).
– Vandalism-resistant.
– Protection against dust and liquid spillage.
– Meets ROHS Directive requirements.
– USB (CDC) and RS-232 (115,200 bps) serial interface.
– 12 V 100 mA power source and 3.6 V battery
– 10-key numeric keypad (0-9), 6 function keys and external connection for 8 function keys
– Internal or external buzzer

– ABNT-NBR 15250 (Automated Teller Machine Accessibility Standard)
– Encryption:
3DES (112 bits)
AES (128 bits)
RSA (2048 bits)
Hash Functions (SHA-2)
Digital certificates (X.509)
MK/SK key hierarchy
Local key loading
Remote key loading

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