About Perto

Beyond self-service

Established in 1988, Perto S.A. works in commercial and banking automation, building a history of focus on technology and a pioneering spirit, adding value to the user experience and benefits to customer businesses. Part of Grupo Digicon, Perto's industrial facilities span over 44,000 square meters in Gravataí/RS, Brazil, in addition to 22 branches throughout the country.

Perto's history and the history of Brazilian banking and commercial automation are often one and the same, with the company developing the first 100 percent Brazilian cash dispensing mechanism in the 1990s. At the end of the previous century, the company entered the market for full automated teller machines (ATMs), deploying a strategic modules technology that ensured security and reliability. This pioneering step and the high level of development of the Brazilian banking market enabled Perto to become a global competitor, exporting technology to Latin America, Europe, North America and Asia, always with an eye towards respecting the culture of each country where it works. Perto's arrival in India launched a new stage in its history. Inaugurated in October 2016, Perto India's new facilities in Jaipur have over 21,000 square meters and were designed considering the company's almost three decades of innovation in the Brazilian market.

In addition to the banking market, Perto seized on its vertical nature and engineering capacity to develop solutions for other self-service applications, including payment,
information and recharge terminals, as well as other features to help user experience. Perto's mainstay in the retail market is Pertochek, the first bank check printer to feature customer credit checks, still present in many points of sale. The company also developed and marketed the first 100 percent Brazilian POS device, as well as Self-Checkout. It recently entered the parking industry with per2Park, a complete, smart solution to manage parking facilities of every variety. But Perto won't stop there. The company continues to innovate, developing solutions that bring availability and security to company and that use
technology to improve customer relations.

Conheça nossas certificações

ISO 9001:2015

This quality management standard establishes requirements to help improve internal processes, train associates, monitor the work environment, and check customer, associate and vendor satisfaction, providing a continuous process for improving the quality management system. The 2015 version of the ISO 9001 standard adopts a more modern approach, with an emphasis on generating value, risk assessment, and greater involvement from top management.

ISO 14001:2015

The standard guides the implementation of environmental management at organizations. It was established to help companies identify, prioritize and manage environmental risks as part of their routine practices. The standards helps companies focus on protecting the environment and sustainable use of resources.

CMMI Level 3

This is a benchmark of the best practices needed for maturity in software, systems and product development and maintenance.


The certificate issued by Underwriters Laboratories is one of the most widely recognized symbols in the market, certifying Electronic Locks and Security Safes comply with the quality and security standards required by their respective standards.


An international certificated focused on financial data security for credit card transactions, proving Encrypted Keypads, PIN Pads and POS devices developed and manufactured by the company may be handled without causing major security issues.

A proud history

1977 – Grupo Digicon founded
1988 – Perto S.A. founded
1994 – First commercial automation products released

2000 – Manufacturing of first ATMs
2005 – Development of software solutions, outsourcing
2012 – Consolidation of Perto India

2013 – Expansion of Gravataí/RS facilities
2013 – Release of Veloh POS terminal
2016 – Inauguration of factory in Jaipur, India
2018 – First implementation of Per2Park solution