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The Digicon Group, today made up of three operating companies (Digicon, Near SA and Near India) and several other non-operating companies, started its activities in 1977 manufacturing a single product: the Digital Position Indicator, which made it possible to make measurements with high accuracy. and resolution of microns (1 micron = one thousandth of a millimeter) and was installed on machine tools. In a history full of pioneering and innovation, the Digicon Group has diversified its products, some of which are still manufactured in more updated versions and others, due to the dynamism of the market in which it operates, were naturally discontinued. Programmable controllers (PLCs), urban traffic controllers and systems, plastic punchers, graphics plotters, digitizing tables, revolver-servo drives, sealed microcomputer hard drives (under the Multidigit brand), missile gyrometers, solar panel energy in conjunction with the structures of the first two weather satellites manufactured in Brazil and the first banknote dispensing modules in the country.

The success of the technology of these dispensers motivated the creation of Nearby and initially provided the supply of these modules to all self-service equipment manufacturers in Brazil and some abroad and, in a second moment, the full manufacture of self-service equipment, as well. known as ATMs and other products for the financial and retail markets. At the same time, Digicon has focused on the urban mobility segments, which include traffic control, public transport and parking, access and time control and aeronautical components.

Today, the Digicon Group is formed in Brazil by two side-by-side companies and their factory in India, Nearby India Pvt. Ltda., Initially focused on ATMs and access control equipment, offering complete, high-liability solutions, robust and make a difference in people's lives.

Group companies

Nearby: high-tech technology solutions.

Nearby develops high responsibility solutions that bring security and availability to companies, using technology in favor of customer relationships. It operates in the banking automation, retail, passenger transportation, payment and parking markets.

Digicon: technology that integrates people with the future.

Digicon is a pioneer in the development of technologies, products and solutions that make a difference in people's lives. It works by solving complex challenges and developing solutions so that by improving the infrastructure of cities and businesses, technology is part of everyone's life. It operates in the access control, urban mobility and aerospace components markets.

Código de Ética

O Código de Conduta Ética do Grupo Digicon tem o objetivo de servir como Guia Prático de Conduta Pessoal e Profissional, a ser utilizado por todos os nossos Colaboradores em suas interações e decisões diárias, tornando explícitos os nossos princípios e afirmando nossos valores, aplicando-se aos nossos administradores, funcionários, fornecedores, prestadores de serviços, sociedades controladoras, controladas e empresas integrantes do Grupo Digicon.